DSLR "Full Conversion" to Panny m4/3 - G/GH Series???

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Re: DSLR "Full Conversion" to Panny m4/3 - G/GH Series???

rockygag wrote:

I had a G1/EP-1 kit, and saw the potential to replace my D300 + full suite of zooms + primes + legacy primes ....

The bodies/sensors were just not quite there, and a few lenses were missing, most notably the 45 1.8 ( now not missing, just not for sale!)

Don't confuse good enough with equal, and don't let strawman arguments about the sliperly slope of good enough deter you, given the size/quality, Micro 4/3rds is more than good enough for all but the most serious of work. Will you seen one on the NFL sidelines, NO, is it good enough for my kids very predictible swim meets, yes. Soccer, less so, but still, its FFPS! Not the Houston Dynamo for Sport Illisturated.



Good answer Dave, 80% of my work the m4/3 handled brilliantly to acceptable.... but the 20% of shots I struggled with made the size and weight advantage less important, the cost was never a factor... Nikkor top lenses are way more expensive than the best Lumix or Olympus equivalents.

For now, the D7000 and a careful selection of lenses is somewhere in between the old D300 and the heavy fast lenses, and the GH2 Kit. As you say... YMMV, our needs must govern the gear selection.


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