Looking to build a NEX-7+MF lenses asap. Can you help? :) Open budget.

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Looking to build a NEX-7+MF lenses asap. Can you help? :) Open budget.

Hey all,

I am a current Sony Alpha shooter (2xA850s,1xA900) and my work can be seen at http://www.facebook.com/rareview

I am looking to buy into the NEX system with the NEX-7 (I already own a NEX VG-10 + 18-200, 16/2.8 and a bunch of Alpha Zeiss lenses).

My issues:

  • I don't want to use my ZA lenses on the NEX-7 since both the adapter and the lens are quite thick hence ruining the compact experience

  • I don't mind using MF at all; what with focus peaking + EVF!!

  • I have no budget per se, but am very specific about what am looking for

What I want

  • All shallow DOF lenses (at least f1.4 if not lower)

  • A really small 45-60mm equivalent lens including lens adaptor

  • Another really small 75-100mm equivalent lens including lens adaptor (f1.2 or lower?)

  • A pancake lens, any focal length (already own a 16/2.8E, any from Pentax?)

  • A 135+mm small lens with sharp character wide open

  • Is the Fish-eye Samyang 8mm/3.5 any good or are there alternatives?

Essentially, a 4-5 lens system to compliment my high-end bulky FF Alpha range.
Let me know.
SERIOUSLY interested in this!

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