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Re: hx100v - anybody tried this

I got this response from ACMAXX about their product (link in first post):

'ACMAXX Multi-Coated LENS UV IR FILTER' for my camera- Sony DSC-HX100V:

1- Is there a product specifically for Sony HX100V which will 'fit exactly'
Yes, 100% sure

2- Is this filter 'solid' or is it more 'like a film'
It is Solid

3- what is the thickness of this filter
1.2-2.0mm depending on items. HX100V is thick because the lens is large in size.

4- what is this filter made of - any website link which gives more information on this technology?
It is a tempered crystal.

5- what kind of adhesive is used by this filter - does it's 'sticky power' gets weaker as time progresses
3M special made type

does it's 'sticky power' gets weaker as time progresses > YES it does

6- what is the likelyhood of this filter 'coming off' by itself - even in long term
So far we sold it for over two years no customer complain about this issue.

7- how easy/difficult it is to take this filter off
You can remove it anytime and should only take you less 60~30 second.

8- does the filter leave any 'sticky/gummy' residue on camera once it is taken off
It is designed easy to be cleaned on your lens barrel.

9- does the filter quality/properties degrade over time

NO, we are very sure, we use material from Germany. it is designed to last long time.

10- the postage cost to uk is too much..........can this be reduced? OR Is there anybody in UK selling your product?
So far because it is made in USA, production quantity is limited.
We can only offer it in USA.

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For me point number 10 is bad news. The cost of postage is unreal and this is the only reason I will not buy this product.

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Sony HX100V

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