Threaded or Flat view? Abolish subject line?

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Flat view
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Threaded or Flat view? Abolish subject line?

I've seen this subject discussed but it's been lost among the actual thread subject, so I thought I'd dedicate a thread to it.

This forum doesn't have a poll function, but I'll be counting so make your first word: "threaded" or "flat", and your second word "yes" or "no" in relation to whether you would prefer to abolish the subject line in all posts other than the thread title (I bet some of you put your answer in the subject line...haha).

Ok, my go:

Flat. Yes.

I don't understand how people can use Threaded view, as it means you have to click somewhere and wait for a new page to load just to read a single comment. No wonder some of our members are always so stressed if they've been using this method for would drive me nuts to do this for an hour nevermind all the time.

With Flat view, I get the chronological order the posts appeared in, and I can easily skim-read or skip the not so interesting posts as I casually keep clicking on the "down" arrow key. It's a very relaxed and sensible way to read the threads here.

Also, some people use the subject line in a very weird way. They actually start their sentence there, then finish it later in the post. Except no one reads the subject line of individual forum posts. Plus the fact that they are coloured blue means the eye easily misses them anyway.

The problem with offering readers Flat & Threaded view means that the threads in general become a mess with the Threaded people replying without quoting and missing important developments in the thread because they stick to just their little tree-branch system, meaning they never get to read entire sub-discussions which may have resolved the issue.

So I vote for Flat and I vote we ditch the individual subject line.

Flat view
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