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DMillier wrote:

Never quite sure exactly what to read into tests of unknown provenance

You really need to try an SD1 for yourself!

Looking at the greyscale, the SD1 version - to me, on a calibrated monitor - looks correct. There are steps going into black visible, just subtle - the D7000 looks artificually boosted in the shadows, and looks to be less consistent in terms of grey accuracy. Particularly the section over the 7 on D7000.

This is borne out by looking at the file in Photoshop. The SD1 greys are pretty uniform, the D7000s ones are showing more variation (9th sector, for example - SD1 is 106, 106, 104-106, the D7000 is 131, 127, 124). What they've processed to present this, we don't know of course - but I do know it's possible to present more flattering results from ISO 3200, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt in terms of their process.

What they haven't done is got 255 white on the SD1, so I think they've very slightly underexposed there. The first white step is ~240 on the SD1 and ~250 on the D7000 section.

However, there's increased luminance noise on the SD1's blacks; obviously working from the web JPEG isn't idea for judging this.

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