Can't bracket on tripod properly E-PL1

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Re: Yes, you can

pixelpro wrote:

Thanks, 453, but I won't be getting that any time soon. Those strap-on, bracket holder, piece-together releases are too clunky for me. You can see the whole camera move when you use this model:

...much worse than any mechanical cable releases that I used to use for my film cameras 20 years ago. At least those had dedicated screw-in sockets for the cable itself. These cameras don't even have that.

PM Michael about that cable release, since I believe it may be the one he has. You may be in luck, though. It's possible that movement had more to do with the camera resting on a table than a problem with the release. If it was on a tripod, the results may be satisfactory.

I am familiar with the camera menus and sequential shutter function, but you cannot combine this with the timer. It's either/or. IMO, a poor setup.

Sorry, I wasn't sure if you were.

An electronic cable release or IR remote would be a good alternate, but it's a no-go with E-PL1.

Correct. Olympus behaved stupidly with that decision. I think it made the Cripple List to help prop up the E-P2, which didn't look so good once the E-PL1 showed up.

Since the others do have a wired remote option then, that's a good thing. I'm one step closer to upgrading to the PL3.

That's probably the new PEN I'd get, too. Too bad they robbed the flash and stuck it on the E-P3. Pulling the flash off of the PM1 and PL3 was very dumb if they want to attract P&S upgraders.

Thanks for your input.

No problem. I like cracking open the manual and E-PL1 for Dummies when I see an interesting problem posted. I didn't realize you were trying to combine the Timer with Bracketing. If I understand correctly, you want to:

  • Set the timer

  • Press the shutter release

  • After the timer delay, have the E-PL1 fire three sequential exposures automatically

It'll do that with ISO Bracketing, but not AE, which I'm guessing is what you want. You could send Oly and email about adding that to the next firmware package, but I think we both know that's unlikely to happen. The PL3 has more bracketing options and can use a remote trigger, so if you do much bracketing, that's something to think about.

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