Any X100 owner thinking of buying an X10?

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Re: Any X100 owner thinking of buying an X10?

louis_ wrote:

...either as replacement or complement of the X100?

I am considering both... here is my story.

I have a X100 which is very good and I take it to everywhere. But like others, I sometimes miss tele and wide end that my previous LX-3 provided. The tele is useful in producing tight landscape or portraits, while the wide is useful in landscape and social events. The other thing I miss is the speed of the LX-3. My X100 takes 7 seconds to start up, and auto-focus speed and accuracy can be better.

The X10 is interesting because like a LX-3, it has a wide ranging applications, but have a VF and manual controls. The tele and large aperture can probably produce ok bokeh.

The X100 has extremely good IQ and can be a good street shooter, and if the focal length matches what the photographer wants or needs, it can also be an excellent landscape camera. There's a problem though for some photographers that would like to add an X10 for use as a wider focal length landscape camera. If they're really serious about landscape photography they aim for very high resolution and excellent IQ. The X10 may deliver excellent IQ, but it comes up very short on resolution. Its limited resolution may be more than enough for many photographers though, but then if they're willing to settle for that, why pay so much more for an X100 when resolution isn't apparently of primary importance?

I, and many others here said when the X100 was announced that while it was an extremely interesting camera, we wouldn't really consider it unless Fuji intended to complement it with X100 siblings that came with different focal length lenses, or with a short range but high quality zoom lens. This is not what the X10 offers. I'd consider the X10 to be a good complement to an S100fs or S200EXR, and if really high quality landscape images are the goal, then one of the recent small m4/3 or mirrorless APS-C cameras (NEX, NX) would be a better way to go.

If the X10 is a tactile as the X100 in terms of OVF and control, and with reasonably good IQ (I expect to be not-as-good as the X100 but better than LX-3/5, EP1, s95...), then I may REPLACE the X100 with it.

Wow, that'll give you a big reduction in image quality but it should still be pretty good, so if it's good enough for you, why not? The X10 is a much more versatile camera than the X100, and as its "Baby Brother" it's even a tiny bit smaller!

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