EX line Sigma Lens beware!

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Re: EX line Sigma Lens beware!

May be you right, may be i"m wrong but my sigmases never peel of.

Currently one sigma never leave my D7000 which-is 28f1.8 and that one is pretty old lens.

Used sigma for years 24-70 non HSM, 30f1.4, 70-300, when using them for years, my lens always like new. (sold those combo when i move to nikon years ago) Yes i'm poor guy and only using third party lenses, and the ability to using third party lenses is the reason i go to nikon.

coracii wrote:

Again, the problem with your theory is that it's not consistent or reproducible. Countless thousands of people have Sigma EX lenses and use them in a wide variety of conditions without so much as one speck of paint peeling. Quite a few of those people have more than one Sigma EX lens and use them frequently and not all of them will peel. It's a defect in their finish process that shows up randomly no matter whether you baby your lenses or beat the tar out of them. All five of my EX lenses get used and abused in exactly the same manner and only two of them have any of the finish peeling off (the 100-300 is much worse than the 70-200). The 24-70, which is by far and away my most used lens, has been in service for about 6 years and looks absolutely perfect. The 10-20 and 150 macro don't have even a single blemish on them and they've seen 4 and 5 years use respectively.

I can guarantee that not a single one of my lenses is handled any differently than the others (including all the Nikons). Sweat on my hands, salt in the air from the ocean, humidity, acid rain, or whatever other reasoning you want to use affects every lens exactly the same and only some peel. It's a manufacturing defect, plain and simple.

boogielazy wrote:

It's an habit to clean my gear, although you you think you never touch the areas but actually you do. When you open the lens, the salty air around the beach, or other environment that we cannot sure it's save for sigma rubber finish. And sometimes the finish is indeed pealing where you think you never touch but you do or environment do, and you never clean that area. Oh yeah the area you touch will be more cleaner because you touch it, or our bag clean it accidentally. Today salt from the beach will be wipe out when you go to the mountain, but the area you didn't touch still salty, and stay there.

Using them for years then those lens collecting something. look at the salt from sweat that make the zoom rubber dirty (white plaque), the white dirt stay in the corner not in the area you touch.

We talking years, here, not days or month, and rubber finish absorb, little by little. You never know.

But yes new lens have more sturdy finish, but it is simple task. nothing to lose.

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