Panasonic Lenses on Olympus Pen

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Re: Panasonic Lenses on Olympus Pen

Hi, I have a GH2 that I still thought was too big, so I just got an E-PL3, which I love. Well made and the images look very good. AF is insane, and I thought the GH2 was good.

Anyway, all of my lenses are Panny except the kit lens (which isn't too bad). I have the 20 and the 14 primes, plus the 14-140 zoom, and the 14-42 kit lens.

I have only tried the primes...(am selling the zooms) I think the distortions are being corrected without issue, the CAs I cannot tell yet. If they aren't, it's minor anyway.

Keep in mind that new Olympus cameras are not yet supported by Adobe in RAW.

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