Need a huge photo retouch/conversion favor from someone!

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Re: Need a huge photo retouch/conversion favor from someone!

Mikes photo increased to 200 dpi and 1.4 mb as a result of increasing it to 200 dpi, in PS. Just right click and save as.

Nice work Mikes!

Patrick Gamet wrote:

Forum member 'mikes' created a lovely retouch of an image I posted some time ago.

Here is the original thread:

Here is the lovely retouch 'mikes' did in that thread:

I would like to take advantage of the $39 Groupon that came out today for, and have mikes' version (below) put on canvas.

mikes' version:

However, their photo requirements for a 16 x 20 print are at least 1 MB in file size and at least 72 DPI, which mikes' version is not. I have uploaded the original image, which is almost 5 MB in size here:

mikes' full-size version is here:

If someone could create a version like mikes', but only larger - at least 1 MB in size and 72 DPI, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!

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