Leica M 35mm ASPH: f2.0 or f1.4 ?

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Re: Leica M 35mm ASPH: f2.0 or f1.4 ?

jammerbirdi_1 wrote:

I've owned both. Personally, I didn't like the 'Lux and sold it after about five months shooting it on my M9. I don't like to feed the anti-Leica trolls so I generally haven't posted by feelings about that lens or the M9, which I also sold. I don't regret selling either.

I just acquired a new 35 'cron ASPH in silver and shoot it on my M7. To say I love it is an understatement. I'm blown away by it. To my eye it has all the 'classic' mojo that my eyes require, although some other people might not agree. I love the bokeh. I love the color. It's TINY. Super confident using it.

So there's one opinion from someone who has had both lenses. Always underwhelmed and disappointed with the Lux. I have tons of specific reasons but I'm not going to get into that here. Most of them have been covered by others. Nothing but weeping love for the 'Cron. Everything I ever dreamed of.


I'm with you on that. I did exactly the same. Silver f/2 is perfect. The 'modern' ASPH look of the Lux's (50 and 35) just isn't to my taste. The only thing I don't agree with is selling the M9!

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