How do you like your sky rendered?

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Robert Snow Contributing Member • Posts: 954
Re: THANKS to all for your replies! ..n/t

This is not quite in the context of your question, but I am partially red-green colorblind, so must depend on the 'numbers' on very pastel or dark color tints. I simply cannot differentiate accurately.

Over the years, I have found that most 'blue' skies hover around a hue (HSL) of 15, give or take 1-2. Thus, when I process in ACR and transfer to PS, the first thing I do is check the hue of the sky. In the info pallette, I display HSL instead of CMYK on the right hand side, so all I need to do is point to the sky here and there to see what it runs. If it is off by a considerable amount, back to ACR I go, but if it is fairly close, I use the local adjustment of the overall hue till it comes into range and looks right.

bob snow

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