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Re: Not another Pentax fan-boy

In October 1984, I picked up the Canon A1 in the store and then picked up the Pentax Super A. I was a Pentax fanboi before I left the store. I became even more of one when I blew 1,600 quid on a Nikon about 10 years later.

I dropped serious photography after that because Pentax did not have competitive products - better no camera than a bad one. Now... Pentax are back and I was able to compare the feel of their offering with the competition a few months ago which simply confirmed that I was right to wait for Pentax to catch up on the technology.

Am I proud of myself ? Nope - I am shallow and weak. Will I ever get a non-Pentax SLR ? Well... if someone from Leica were to hold a gun to my daughter's head and offer to give me a gold-plated S series for free, I would accept it.


(Note to anyone from Leica reading this... you don't actually need to hold a gun to my daughter's head and I would much rather that you didn't)

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