Dear DPReview-please split this forum

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Dear DPReview-please split this forum

Please split this forum into two special groups.

One for people who, even after years of watching improvements in digital camera technology, still think the following:

  • CDAF will never be as fast as PDAF (even though it's more accurate)

  • EVF will never be as good as OVF (even though they are improving considerably every year and have many advantages over OVF)

  • Mirrored reflex cameras will always be "more professional" than mirrorless (even though they can't really specify what "more professional" means except by citing a narrow set of conditions or expectations)

  • Hi ISO noise performance is the end all, be all consideration for sensor quality.

  • Canon and Nikon will always produce better bodies, but ZD glass is better.

  • Olympus should do charity work by making cameras for the 10% of buyers who fall into the "enthusiast" category at the expense of marketing salable gear to the other 90% of buyers.

The other forum will be for those of us ignorant enough to accept that technology improves, camera companies want to make a profit, and really think this forum should be about helping each other make the most of our Olympus gear instead of complaining about Olympus' marketing decisions.

Oh wait...the split already exists...anyone want to head over to the Olympus Talk forum?

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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