attention .ur A77 A65 Nex5N Nex7N needs you

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Re: attention .ur A77 A65 Nex5N Nex7N needs you

Alpha Doug wrote:

I just want an A55 or A580 with real HDR bracketing capability, although I would strongly consider an A77 body with the 16 mpix sensor. They put at least better auto bracketing in the A65 and A77, why not the other cameras?


i agree with you completely on that as i have the A580 myself ...but i was trying to do one battle at a time...

but i can tell you that even Auto HDR mode and HHT mode with its 6 shots on my 7fps A580 works extremely well..ull have to do some 100% pixel peeping to see its slightly blurred i dont fear the possibility a faster cam couldnt handle it..

anyway if enough people would respond to that faceobook thread they can ..or u can urself (cause i responded to much myself to be accounted for another voice )

and say ur piece about adding the same bracketing to existing firmware models.

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