M Module availability? + focus question

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Re: GXR picture-in-picture useless for precise focusing

This is getting boring with your nonsense.

Pangloss wrote:

Sure, so have I... with AF! And from the samples you posted of the M-mount, I believe the conditions were not exactly "very bright", on the sole day you were forced to use manual focus, right?

I actually used both but this is irrelevant to the actual question. You can see the screen to frame and focus.

Oh please! Anybody with a GXR can go out on a bright sunny day and verify for themselves that the LCD visibility is greatly reduced. With AF that's barely acceptable, but manual focusing is just impossible. Anybody intending to use the M-mount should budget the acquisition of the EVF. Saying otherwise is totally misleading.

Everybody should go and find out for themselves, there I agree with you. The rest is up to each individual.

What "next GXR body" are you talking about? The one in your imagination?

The one that will come out when you will get your A16/21mm module or maybe when we'll all be spared reading your nonsense about the GXR Mount in this forum.

You really should read the NEX forum posts a little bit more, you seem to know nothing about NEX cameras.

Unlike you, I have actually USED a NEX camera and if I am not mistaken nobody has a NEX7 yet. Saying it will have the same microlenses as the GXR Mount sensor is plain wrong since you just assume this. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't but until it's out nobody will know so stating this as fact is misleading.

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