Need help in deciding a Wide Angle Lens for D7000

Started Aug 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
BradM73 Regular Member • Posts: 215
Re: Need help in deciding a Wide Angle Lens for D7000

I am ready to pay bit extra for Tokina 11 16mm, but I am not sure if its worth that extra cost. Also, 2 is hardly in stock anywhere in US. I could only find it in Amazon and there its heavily priced. So if Tokina is really the best, should I wait for it to be in stock ? Or if you can suggest me somewhere I can get it ?

I got my from Samy's Camera. Had a really great experience with them after Adorama screwed up and sent me out a Tokina 11-16 with SONY mount!! Grrrrr. When I called up Samy's, their website said it was out of stock, but they were able to pull one from one of their retail stores and I had it two days later!! AWESOME service! Give them a try. It might be worth it. And from my experience, the Tokina is worth the extra buck! I just used mine today, and last weekend taking Milky Way shots. I flipping love this lens!

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