7D observations and questions.....

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7D observations and questions.....

Hello 7d'ers....

I bought my 7D a month or so ago, moving up from a much loved T2i as my starter DSLR.....but now, I truly love the 7D and all the features and benefits that the T2i didn't give me.

What I first noticed about about the 7D was it's ability to shoot higher ISO's, while limiting noise. But the one downside to the 7D with respect to ISO is there is no "max" setting available, and having gotten use to my previous camera choosing the appropriate ISO....which the T2i did extremely well......I find myself now not able to use "Auto ISO", for the camera is shooting outdoor shots during the day at 1,600 to 3,200, therefore loosing sharpness and increasing noise.

Perhaps it is time for me to start choosing my own ISO, which I have no problem with, but there are times when one does not have the time to make setting changes. Wildlife and birds are a good example......you could be shooting a blue jay or cardinal on a well lite branch, but quickly flies to a nearby shaded tree. For this type of shot, I always relied on the camera to set the proper ISO [with a max previous set] and like I stated earlier.....it did a very good job.

When shooting certain birds that never sit for more than a few seconds.....one doesn't have time to make the necessary changes to settings and rely upon auto features.

Does anyone experience the same thing with their 7D or have any suggestions. And I do believe my firmware is fully updated with 1.2.5. Correct? And is anyone expecting a firmware update to fix this [ISO max] problem?

Thanks in advance,


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