Sony releases a fake lens - Joseph?

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Re: What did we learn?

bobn2 wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Documensony wrote:

Rriley wrote:

looking at the markings on the barrel, they do not appear to take account of the curvature, its a render not an actual image

So now we all - including Joseph - have learned that pictures with such characteristics are not necessarily fakes...

We also learned that these times Zeiss trademark on a prime lens does not mean clever design.

Indeed, as in the last thread, we're left wondering what on earth they were thinking. With a short register, a 35mm equivalent lens can be designed very nicely with a double Gauss, will be nicely compact and very high quality. Instead what we seem to have is a scaled down version of a FF 35/1.8, which as a retrofocus design ends up much larger. It's almost as it was set as a design task for a rookie, and all he did was take the larger format and scale it down, without realising that he no longer needed to leave room for a mirror. Either that, or we're going to see the same optics (or were in the original plan) in A mount form.

These ARE the same guys that gave us a set of retrofocus wide angle lenses for Leica M mount...

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