At the Crossroads - dump m43s or dump DSLR?

Started Aug 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
iano Senior Member • Posts: 1,267
have to agree with the thinking :)

Makes so much sense. Dumping the GH2 at best leaves you still needing to carry a video camera in addition to the 40D so why not use the gh2 you have already as that video camera.

Combined with the fact that in some situations, (like with the 20mm or the 14mm) the GH2 clearly provides an overall experience for stills the 40D or other APS-C DSLR cannot match.

Still....with some other lenses the 40D combo shines so it is a little early to drop it is you would miss it.

Personally I never use my APSC stuff any more......but i do occasionally go even larger.

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