Recommend a 2 year old camera for macro

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As was already said...

...people recommend what they know, so I recommend an Oly E-330.

It gets the DSLR versatility (slightly smaller sensor than Canon or Nikon works well for macro depth of field). It has an excellent dual sensor live view that works very well for macro imo. It's cheap as dirt. It doesn't get you video though.

That said, I think Micro4/3rds is worth a look. I just purchased a GH1 for my school for about $500 (with 3 batteries, large flash card, Nikkor lens adapter, C-mount adapter). It's only 4 months old and has the firmware hack that makes it one of the best interchangeable lens cameras for video. One reason why this may be golden for you is that these mirrorless cameras have a short sensor/lens mount distance which means you can slap on an adapter for almost any lens imaginable and there are lots of good legacy macro lenses out there. Of course, flash versatility is better if you have a flash shoe as well.

GH1 with adapter and legacy macro could really get you started + deliver great video in a package slightly smaller than DSLRs. G1 is cheaper yet, but lacks video. Olympus E-PL2 is a great deal right now imo. The Panasonic G or GH series and the Olympus E-330 DSLR have the advantage of a tilt swivel LCD which I prefer for macro.


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