How do you like your sky rendered?

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How do you like your sky rendered?

I'm curious what your "hue" preference is for the sky ... please choose your favorite from the five renderings below. Note, I picked the particular scene (below) because the position of the sun gave a natural light-to-dark transition across the sky; this should make choosing a favorite a lot more fun.

You might ask why I'm curious. Actually, I planned on telling you even if you were not curious why I was curious.

Well, depending on the scene and time-of-day sometimes I go for DPP's sky rendering and other times an ACR rendering is more appealing. Honestly, it isn't clear to me that my preference doesn't actually flip-flop as a function of the moon's phase ... i.e. I'm not consistent in my judgment of which RAW converter's sky rendering looks the best. Most of time I'm not satisfied with either ACR or DPP and I'll adjust (via HSL) the cyan and blue components slightly to either get more or less magenta cast in the sky.

So anyway, here are the five renderings for you to choose from. Thanks in advance for your participation.

FWIW histograms of only the cropped sky from the renderings above are provided below (just additional information for folks actually interested in this sort of thing).

FYI, the picture below shows the typical cropped sky area that was used to compute histograms (note, sky crops from the five renderings were centered horizontally and just above the roof's peak).


Joe Kurkjian


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