Large Furniture shots! HOW TO LIGHT LARGE?

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Re: You are right about the HEAT

just out of curiosity, do you have a hand held light meter? it will make your life easier in terms of knowing how much light you have at any point of the subject.

A cove is also called a "cyc" (for cyclorama, which it is not) what it is is a curved transition from wall to floor and/or wall to perpendicular wall. at very least you could have some white vinyl flooring put down and run part way up the wall just to "break the corner". Any way this shows what it can look like:

from a quick bing search.

Generally "The Cove" is painted white with a washable matte paint. The best way to keep it clean is to insist on stocking feet when moving stuff on to the set, or use carpet or some other removable shield when positioning the subject.

For heavy furniture a few pieces of carpet squares with the carpet side down will let you slide the piece around.(paint the rough side white, and you may not notice them in the shot)
Find your tripod or buy one, camera movement issues will go away.

Have the shop build you a couple of free standing vertical flats that you can use as reflectors, some frames to staple the scrims to, (white nylon will do)(these are positioned in front and a few feet away from the lights, if they scorch, they're too close!
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