Sony may give us 10 shot bracketing

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Sony may give us 10 shot bracketing

i am posting this again as i have been pointed my original title is misleading

hello ..let me start by saying i wouldnt do this if it was not important to many of you also as well as me.

in essence i need you all plz to comment or put a big LIKE on the following post to
Paul Genge
in Sony UK's facebook page
plz only supporting comments *

The Reason

i have searched what is the best way to let Sony know how badly we want an HDR mode like in upper class Nikon the 7-9 bracket shots over 1ev each time.

this guy is the same one on the Live Facebook Q&A with Paul Genge on youtube

so he is an important influential figure over there and he states in the facebook page that people with good advices can write it to him and if its valid he will pass it along.

so here is a copy of what i wrote there(* the link to the post is here - u have to first make a LIKE on their official facebook UK page in order to reply or post on that thread* ) : !SonyUK/posts/279528798727314?notif_t=feed_comment

hey to Paul Genge or whomever on Sony that can read and do something about bracketing system on the A77 A65 nex7 and nex5N

now for some reason we feel like an abandoned child ( see Dpreview) where every top model by canon and nikon can make numerous Auto Bracketing shots while we are so limitedthe D300s can make 7 shots spanning 1EV over -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 EV values.

now we all know how fast the sony... cams are and autobracketing is mostly a tripod mode anyway ..

why not just let us make 7 shots across 1EV and limit us to 5 or 3 shots that miss out on the range :
the 2EV 3EV gap will only make 3 shots while 2/3 EV and below 5 ..

here is the simple pseudo code if ur wondering how simple is that to make via firmware

Ev = -3.0

do{take a shot

Ev = Ev +1.0

}while (Ev != 3.0)

its as simple as that...please please please let all the sony cams make this cause True HDR is something we waited for so long ( and 0.7 bracketing is frankly useless)

Paul did replied with the following :

Hi Eiran, thanks for typing such a long explaination. I have just checked what you are asking, you are right. I appreciate the subtle changes in EV over a wider range would benefit you manual HDR capture and improve your processing.

Given the fast frame rate capture we could request 1EV differences over the full 10 EV scale from (-5 ~ +5). Would this be helpful to you? If so I will propose it together with the other observations from consumers.

so plz help Sony see how issues like that are important by going over there and post ur issues BUT FIRST add Comments and LIKES to this post please .

like i say only supporting comments plz..this is for all of us..not just me

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