7D vs A77 HD video...

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Turn down the self-flattery a notch

nzmacro wrote:

Your'e a bit slow, I posted this on the NEX forum a week ago

It's not like I follow your every move in the forums. You've already stated that you cross-post, but I really don't have time - or the inclination - to find and read all your ramblings.

Let me try this again and as my sig suggests, I don't care about the box, I only care about the image. What took it I couldn't care less, as long as it has what i need.

You prove my point: You'll own a Nex-7 very soon and become a Sony fanboy

What I do care about is some nutter telling me what camera is the best ever made, all that does is put people off and could well put me off if Sony owners carry on like that.

You've clearly found one who does. Let him have his childish fun. If he had posted on another brand's forum, that would have been different, but this is the news forum, and it was news, albeit not to your taste.

Why would anyone want to go into those forums. :).

I don't know why they wouldn't based on one poster's antics.

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