I thought the NEX 7 was sexy- I am now horny for NX200

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I love the design of NX200, but $900 is too much for a risky platform

I'm with you on Samsung NX200. It is one Sexy Camera , as good as NEX-7 design. I hated the NX100 glorify point/shoot with plastic surface, but I'm positively in-love with the new design.

However, I will never buy this camera for $900. The brand doesn't justify the price . Samsung NX sales horribly world-wide. It doesn't evens sale good in Korea, its native land. As much as I love Samsung products ( best LED TV, best cellphones Galaxy II, best android tablet ), NX is the only dud product that has failed to launch.

I do love Samsung, and I admire NX design. But invest $900 on NX is too risky. Samsung lack the history and track record in photography. I have zero confident in its longevity beyond 4 years. Unless I can be reassure that Samsung is committed in for a long haul, even spend $500 for the original NX is risky. I find there are ZERO resale value for NX stuff on ebay or craigslist. There is no demand for this camera and lens. Whatever money I spend on a Samsung cannot be recuperate from selling. That makes that $900 even more expensive.

Like it or not, I believe Samsung product is too little too LATE in the game. The players are already set, and the game is already full.

  • Canon + Nikon dominate DSLR, the rest ( including sony ) will forever be a minor player. Pentax is already gone, the new Ricoh is too late to get into the game

  • Sony NEX + Panny-Oly M/43 dominated the EVIL/mILC market, everyone else ( particularly Samsung ) is just too late into the game

In every product, there seem to be ONLY room for 2 Dominated players, the rest struggle to make money and eventually died.

  • Mobile OS - Dominated by Android and iPHONE. The rest WP7, WebOS, Blackberry, Sybiam, Mee-Go ~ are dying a slow and inevitable death

  • Android Handset - dominated by Samsung + HTC. The rest LG, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola struggles soon to become Googlrola

  • CPU - dominated by only Intel and AMD. Gone are Cyrix, VIA, Nex-Gen

  • OPERATING SYSTEM - dominated by Microsoft and Apple. The rest...BeOS, and Linux have insignificant share of the market

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