Cicular Polariser for Ultrawide Lens

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Re: The word "if" has meaning

DaddyG wrote:

Interesting discussions.
Agree that 'sky-effect' is a small part of the equation.

Can I go wrong with any of the aforementioned filters? A previous poster advised to steer clear of B+W.

I think you're referring to my post - if so, what I said was that B+W's uncoated or single-coated filters (you said "non-MRC") are to be avoided, just like any uncoated filter. The MRC (Multi-Resist Coating) filters are very good - but expensive.

(Btw, I don't mind the greater light loss of B+W, as I carry a small tripod often. In fact, the greater light loss may be an advantage for waterfalls, oceans etc).

The greater light loss will never be an advantage. Half a stop is not enough to make a significant difference to a 'blurry water' effect if that's what you want - three stops or more is typically needed.

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