9-18 + 40-150mm - will I miss the 19-39mm range?

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Re: I wouldn't trade the 14-150 for the 40-150

I wouldn't trade the 14-150 for the 40-150. I have both and I think they're pretty similar in photo quality. The 14-150 has a metal lens mount though while the other has a plastic one. I have the 9-18 as well but I like the overlap. It means you won't need to change lenses that often. If you take off the 9-18 and put on the 14-150 so you can zoom and get a shot at 100, you can just leave the lens on until you need another shot in the 9-13 range. The 14-150 and the 40-150 are almost exactly the same size and weight. If anything, I'm thinking of selling the 40-150 because I find the images just as good as my 14-150.
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