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meanwhile wrote:

The marketing for almost every camera since the dawn of time, except perhaps the Polaroid and the Holga, claim breathtaking clarity, amazing detail and realism, super performance, rock solid build, and the best interface ever designed to drive you photos to the next level. Yes, of course you can produce photos that will be published in National Geographic with our new 30-1000mm super zoom, tiny sensor, gripless, pink, 200MP, 2500x digital zoom, camera.

My issue with all of these threads are that no-one bloody knows yet. It's UTTERLY POINTLESS to argue whether the marketing is overblown, or the sensor is magnificent, or ANY side of the argument. There are no pictures out there. There are no samples, no sensor tests, no NOTHING. Arguing one side because a camera released in 2004 did something a particularly good or bad way is NONSENSICAL. Neither of those good or bad cameras is the X10.

I have a couple of Pentax K1000's. Should I look at those to see what to expect from the K-5? Everyone should save their breath until you can actually use/touch/compare the camera. No?

The particular issue at stake in this subthread is depth of field. That is a purely mathematical issue that can be determined from specifications alone. Since the specifications are known (except for the exact speed of the new Panasonic lenses), your claim that "no-one bloody knows yet" is wildly incorrect.

More generally, technology doesn't usually change all that much from one camera to the next, so a study of specifications can give a pretty good idea and people enjoy speculating. You know: anticipation is half of the fun. Forums like this exist in part to allow expression of the impulse to speculate on the future. It may be "utterly pointless" in some sense, but so is taking photographs "utterly pointless" in some sense. It is largely just a matter of how people entertain themselves.

I agree with you that nobody should get dogmatic about, say, how the image quality will compare with an XZ-1 or G12. Wait for the samples, wait for the reviews. I have said that several times. However, there is nothing wrong with exchanging one's best guesses about how things will turn out, providing one is aware of the uncertainties involved.

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