Super sharp shooter! To fast for the human eye!

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Super sharp shooter! To fast for the human eye!

A selection of items shot with a .22cal air rifle at a power rating of about 10ftlb (520fps)

Camera used - panasonic G1 with standard 14-45mm lens.

Exif for all pics - F13 - iso125 - exposure on camera is 1second, the flash I use becomes my exposure and is 1/2,000,000s (2millionth of a sec) approx.

the camera is set up on manual and pre focused on the subject, the lights are then turned out, I use a small red LED light placed so that I can just about see what I'm shooting but not directly on the subject so it ruins the shot by burning on the sensor.

I have a flash controller that is connected to a microphone, when this pics up the sound of the gun it converts the sound into an electric signal that fires the flash once, this fast flash in the dark room is what freezes the image, have a delay setting on the controller so I can adjust this until I see the pellet in frame and once this is set and as long as I don't move the gun back or forward to much then every shot will come out.

Not so Jammy dodger's

stick of chalk inside a balloon.

to fast, the balloon don't even know its been popped.

pellet split in two

skylight filter scratched beyond use, so it got shot,

small auto bulb.

rainbow drop sugar coated rice sweets place into a small test tube and shot through the tube.

second shot of the same.

too loud

buddha bing buddha bang buddha boom

glitter tubes

Flat view
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