New Pentax DSLR coming up

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Re: New Pentax DSLR coming up

ginsbu wrote:

I hope it will more along the lines of a K-5 Super. There are so many things I would prefer in an upgrade before a new sensor:

  1. Fixed TTL flash exposure

  2. further autofocus improvements

  3. Flippy screen

  4. higher sync speed

  5. improved wireless flash system

  6. movie button (configurable to other functions!)

  7. new WR kit lens, something like 16–80mm f/3.5-4.5 preferably, or an updated 17–70 f/4 if need be

I'm sure I'm leaving others out.

To be honest, though, at the its recently reduced price, I think the K-5 is very competitive and will remain so for another year. Pentax would do better to update and expand its lens lineup, IMO, starting with that new kit lens.

Add to all that a built in GPS and that'd be my next camera. Personally I have no desire whatsoever for that new 24mp sensor, in fact, that'd be a minus for me.

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