full auto support of canon lenses on Nex coming

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Re: full auto support of canon lenses on Nex coming

I am Bo-Ming Tong, the 'guy in the video', co-founder of conurus. Some confusion has taken place so please allow me to clarify.

1, We are in the final stages of developing a fully-electronic adapter.
2, EF-S lenses are supported.

3, With this adapter you select the aperture on the camera body or let the camera body choose. The EF or EF-S lens is powered by the NEX camera body.

4, The lens' own aperture is used. The aperture is placed at exactly where the lens designer wants it to be for optimal optical quality, and there is no guesswork involved with the aperture value - it is clearly displayed on the camera body and recorded in EXIF.

5, There is no autofocus at initial release and we do not guarantee autofocus will happen down the road.
6, Pricing will be affordable.

The confusion came from a suggestion from one of our long-time customers on our technical support forum last year asking, 'a mechanical-only, non-electronic adapter looks like this (with some link), will you be able to figure out the electronic communication protocol?' It was not us who posted that link, but to eliminate the confusion I deleted that link. It makes no sense not to delete it - photographers hear electronic aperture control is possible for the first time and then the link points them to purchase some mechanical-only, non-electronic product? So I deleted that link to avoid any further confusion.

I hope that clears things up. Thank you for your interest in this upcoming product. And thanks to actually speaking to B&H and make them aware of this, although we have no direct business relationship with them (other than purchasing gear from them for our laboratory.)
Bo-Ming / conurus

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