Resolution comparison: G12 vs x10 vs x100

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Re: 1/2.3 vs 1/1.7 vs 2/3" CMOS sensor

Photato wrote:

technic wrote:

gunes wrote:

2/3" sensor size and 12MP resolution appear to be the sweet spots for high-end compact cameras with fast lenses. I wonder if Canon is developing their own 2/3" CMOS sensor for S95 and G12 successors...

the difference in size isn't that big, 9.5 or 11 mm diagonal.

In turn the 1/1.7" sensor is not much bigger than the ubiquitous 1/2.3" sensor, 9.5mm vs 7.81, yet people pay a premium for the S95 G12.

At these tiny dimensions 2mm size increase have an impact.

Yep, when we're done measurebating, I only need to actually look at my s95 photos to know that the 2mm makes a significant impact.

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