Dilemma, which lens to buy with a 60D?

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Re: Dilemma, which lens to buy with a 60D?

Hi everyone, in the end I went for the 60D and 50mm f1.8, then after some weeks I found a boy selling a bulk 15-85 for much less than the shops and I bought it also with a good shop assistance.

talking about the pictures, I used it for some months, and I'm really surprised by the high quality and sharpness it can give, and also the building quality is not bad at all, the only thing is that the front part is a bit( really slightly actually) moving if touched.

The USM is great(especially cos I have the straight comparaison with the noisy 50mm f1.8 )

I love everything about this lens, and even if sometimes I would like to have a bit more zoom, I realise editing that cropping, a bit, doesn't affect at all the quality of the pictures, the 60D is such a great camera for the use I make of it ( general purpose, portraits and landscapes)

I'll maybe think about a extreme wide lens, but there's time for it, also cos the 15mm of the 15-80 are already really good(apart from the quite important vignetting, quickly correctable)
so I can say I'm really satisfied with the money I spent
thanks everyone for their help and advices!

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