Reasons not to choose TL500/EX1

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Re: Reasons not to choose TL500/EX1

Now that Fuji is releasing the X10, there may be many more grey hairs, since they're seeking to make the first significant jump in this category in years (perhaps as big a jump as the one canon made when the G series went back down in MP).

I'm optimistic, but still in love with my EX1. 99% is just straightforward shooting and it does great for that. I'll agree with those who feel the IS doesn't really work, however, and some niggles with FW, for instance.

However, despite them, I left the SLR home for the recent holidays and did really well. Doing even better with a significant jump in this segment is always of interest.

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AbeFriedman wrote:

I could believe it's out of date since it is several years old now but there isn't a replacement for it out yet so this is the best one available at this time.

July 9, 2009 is 2 years, not "several". I agree that the TL500 is still attractive in today's market. Especially at the current street price. The TL500 replacement will hopefully be a serious contender, but the price will be high for a while.

Some cameras age gracefully. The TL500, like my Nikon D200, may have a few gray hairs, but can still keep up with the younger generation.

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