NEX-7 as the poor man's Leica M8?

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Re: NEX-7 as the poor man's Leica M8?

OMG this was a clumsy post.... more typos than words.... apologies. I will remind myself to wake up before I post next time...

rami wrote:

You're just repeating yourself. Like quire a few photographers I know, I have been working with FF, RD-1 which is 1.5 and the M8. Of course it matters that it is a rangefinder. If you have used the 3 formats and it found the differences are "relatively minor" that's fine. focal lens is not just a number. The difference between the behavior of the 21 lens on my M8 is no less than dramatic. My 28 summicron is a workable classic Leica focal length when used on the M8, no so much on the RD-1. It is hard to get the classical 28-35 focal lengths with a cropped sensor, even regardless of DOF. If you have an investment in Leica lenses, the difference between the M8 and the RD-1 is the difference between usable and hardly usable. I surely am going to get the NEX-7, it is a very exiting product, but probably most of my Leica lenses will be used on my M8. With the Nex I hope to use the new Zeiss, my VC 12 and 15 and the Leica 75lux. The M8 is also not very easy to use with the 75lux. The RD-1 is absolutely useless with it. I hope this lens will justify the focus techniques available with the Nex better. Again, it is rather pointless to hear insights of people that don't speak from experience and don't speak from explicit concerns regarding the usability of their equipment or equipment they plan using.

This is a difference between the part of the viewfinder that is covered by the framelines. This is how you compose using a rangefinder. All my Leica lenses (21, 28, 35, 50, 75, and even my 135apo) behave VERY different on the different formats. You compose differently.

I've shot the M8 a bit, but I don't own one. I wasn't speaking to the use of a rangefinder, although I do own rangefinder cameras. That is an entirely different subject. I'm only talking about the DOF and focal length equivalency differences between 1.5x and 1.3x crop, which I maintain is a relatively minor difference.

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