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Reach of Sony A77: 300mm lens on A77 vs a 400mm lens on A700

Klimt z wrote:

I personally am now thinking that the best thing about 24 MP is the "reach" that cropping would provide. This is true reach and NOT digital zoom, I believe. This could mean that I would only need a weight saving 200MM or so. A Pro also tells me that this is so.

It's interesting to note, for example, that a 300mm lens on the A77 can provide greater “reach” (pixels on the duck) than you can get from a 400mm lens on the A700.

For example, if you crop a full sized A77 image taken with a 300mm lens (field of view 458mm) to an image width of, say, 3000 pixels, you get a field of view of about 916mm.

But, if you crop a full sized A700 image taken with a 400mm lens (field of view 611mm) to an image width of 3000 pixels, you get a field of view of about 870mm.

Incidentally, in July 2009, I started a thread about whether you really need 24.6 megapixels on the full frame Sony A900:


Examines the pixel size and pixel density of the A77 and compares it with the A900

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