HX100 - Night Picture (experts help required)

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Re: You need a .............

I agree with the others. not bad at all for a handheld shot.

If possible I would say to get a bit closer.. let the plant fill the frame a bit more. looks like a lot of unoccupied space out there. If you can access it.. take a flashlight and take a walk.. see if you can find a another vantage point.. a more interesting angle..

But tripod tripod tripod.. No, you don't need a tripod. I know. some readers are recoiling in shock But let me explain.. you DO want to go for longer exposures.. and you DO need to steady the camera so your images will not be blurred.. But if you do not have a 'good' tripod don't worry.. it's not 100% necessary.. At the minimum you need a pocket full of coins..

If you don't have a tripod you need to find something steady to put your camera on ( a rock, a tree stump, a retaining wall etc ) . Use the coins in your pocket under the camera to level and adjust it. Use the self timer on the camera ( 2 or 10 seconds ).. hit the shutter button and take your hands off the camera and let the camera do its thing. With your hands off the camera.. and some time ( via the self timer ) for the camera to settle down from your touch you will get a nice & steady exposure..

Now go into the manual modes the camera has.. Play with making the exposure longer & shorter.. changes in white balance.. zoom in a little. zoom out a bit.. Keep going and watch the result.. You will get a idea pretty quick what is working for you and what is not.. And later on at home you can select the best images and see exactly what settings you used in the image data..

I took this photo in Amsterdam.. Using only my old Kodak, a bridge railing and some Roubles I had in my pocket to level it..

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