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Started Aug 31, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Next Challenge

Jim, I would be delighted to take over the next challenge. I have had a topic in mind for some time, just in case one of my images might have made it to the top of the charts. So I thank you for the offer, and I will be honored to host the next challenge.

I will set up the galleries in the morning (US, Pacific Daylight Time). For the moment, I will say that I intent to establish a new "size limit" for the next challenge. It will not be related to the size of the image file, but rather to the size of the subject.

The title of the next challenge will be "Miniature." Think “small,” but not necessarily “macro.” Your subject, “as depicted,” must be small enough to fit inside a box that is 10 inches (25 cm) on a side. No other restrictions will apply. Let us see if we can make the small things that surround us become interesting.

More details to follow.

One does not achieve success by being at the right place at the right time, but rather by being ready when the right place and time present themselves for your inspection.

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