Remaints of Ritz Camera goes Ch 11

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Re: Remaints of Ritz Camera goes Ch 11

amicah22 wrote:

I bought two dslrs and some other stuff from ritz but stopped going because the store closest to me was always rude and tried to tell be stuff like the d40 is a better camera than the k20d you want (maybe the d90 but come on do not be so transparent about pushing what you make more commision on). I felt bad for the guys at the smaller stores where they were always nice but your statement is spot on.

Actually . . . being in the camera sales business, I can tell you that you couldn't be any further from the truth!

Because the K20D paid way more than the Nikon D40 and the Canon 40D combined!

Chances are that the person at the store you mentioned didn't bother to learn about Pentax (or Oly and Sony) products and only sold what they knew . . . Canikon!

And this is not just a Ritz problem . . . but just about any camera store on earth (notice I didn't say 'all')!

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