Anyone choosing EX1 instead of NX or have both? Please share experience

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Jefftan Senior Member • Posts: 2,279
Anyone choosing EX1 instead of NX or have both? Please share experience

Are you happy with your decision? I have been thinking about this for a long time. Now leaning towards EX1 especially seeing NX200 at $900 but other reason too

1.much lighter with zoom lens
2.Optical IS compare with NX pancake

3. This is the most important, I want to use ISO 80 as much as possible, the F 1.8 really attract me compare with NX F2.8 pancake. Let's not forget that for APS-C sensor if you want a large DOF must use F8, than low ISO is not even possible

4. I don't know if I am the only one. I appreciate Bokeh but I actually appreciate the every point sharp of compact more rather than only somewhere sharp (don't know if that is the currect way to call it)

Am my thinking correct? Anyone with the same consideration and make a choice?
Please share your thinking

Some question:

1.At the absolute lowest ISO of both EX1 and NX100/NX11, are the IQ actually very similar or still difference?
2.For EX1 can I limit ISO to say 400 Max like I can in Panasonic

3.Also for EX1 can I limit shutter to 1/15 second minimum again like I can in Panasonic

Thank you very much for any help

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