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Re: Too bad it's a Sony.

There's not a single electronics company out there which hasn't left the consumer high and dry at some point. Panasonic, Toshiba (HD DVD anyone?) Mitsubishi, all of them. Along with the duds, you've got some great product as well. Had a look at a full res jpg on a 60" Bravia lately? Or how bout a 1080p/60 camcorder with razor sharp video for a grand. We're in the chips here. Buy the extended warranty for sure on any bleeding edge product or suffer the consequences of being the testers in the field.

I am very interested in the A77 for one main reason: great video. I very much doubt that Nikon can approach the AF speed of the Sony design while using a mirror. My issue is photo boredom, which occurs in my audience about ten minutes in. It's just the way it is these days. Short attention spans. If I can intersperse quality video a la Art Wolfe, budget version, I have a much more compelling presentation.

So if Sony can fix the photo output on this thing, I'll probably buy it just for the video capability.

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