Sony's take of their target market's photographic skills (NEX line)

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Don't put up with it.

JoesPhotoDrivel wrote:

After reading this it is apparent that Sony believes the average NEX user lacks photographic skills:

50mm f/1.8 Telephoto Lens
Model Number: SEL-50F18

"Frame everything perfectly while composing on the go for less editing later with a quality E-mount telephoto lens."

"Less editing later" an NEX user couldn't possibly have sufficient photographic skills to actually compose a useful image with no cropping after the fact?

Sony has some real knuckleheads in their marketing department.

1. Don't put up with it. If I was you I would take it as a personal insult. Sell all your Sony gear for low prices (drives down the relative value on the secondary market for used gear). Never visit any Sony related forum again.

2. I think you are right about their marketing. Since you are such a marketing expert what would you suggest they should have done? Also I would love to see examples of your marketing that you have done for other camera companies in the past.

3. Perhaps you are taking this just a bit too personal? I mean not everyone buying photo gear is starting out the obvious photo guru you are. Some had to learn as they went not being the next Ansel Adams right out the starting gate like you.

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