Don't know what to do......

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Re: Don't know what to do......

flektogon wrote:

What if it is the other way around. He is going to buy Nikon because he is not programmed to remain the Pentax boy for every price.

EXTREMELY valid point, flektogon. My first digital camera, circa 2000, was a 3 MP Olympus, with 3X zoom. At that time, such a camera was almost $1,000!!! (I had a settlement). Less than two years later, a 3-foot drop to the floor jammed the lens and it was ALL OVER. I didn't even bother sending it in for repairs, because even though I hadn't been keeping up in the interim, I KNEW things were progressing fast.

The next year, when I decided to go "megazoom" and subcribed to Pop. Photography again, I was about to go for an Olympus, again, I think, that had 10X, but a friend of mine popped by and told me NOOOOOO, you need to get the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ10! He said he had one, and it was great! He also said an old mutual friend (ex-business partner of mine who had introduced me to both photography AND Pentax) kept arguing with him that he should "go Pentax," but that Pentax had NO all-in-one systems that were up to what Panasonic was doing. Well, I was OUT with this old friend, anyway, so I took his word for it, and I LOVED my PZ10, and the PZ30 after it.

BUT 8 years of 4 different megazooms -- two Pannys, two Canons, STILL didn't keep me from LOOKING at Pentax when I got ready to come back to SLR -- and when I saw the K-5 -- and ESPECIALLY when I realized it was quite likely THE FIRST DSLR Pentax had made that actually does everything I want -- AND THEN SOME (in regards to lower-noise at higher ISOs than ANYONE), there was NO QUESTION what I was going to buy -- and I was ALMOST CONVINCED I was going Canon.

I'd also read several books by Scott Kelby and Joe McNally, both of whom shoot Nikon, exclusively. They made some GREAT cases for Nikon -- especially that because Nikon is SO BIG, they have EASY lens rental programs worldwide, so you don't HAVE TO always trudge everywhere with every lens -- or even own them all... If you find yourself in Egypt, or New Guinea, and need a 600mm lens, you can likely find a regional Nikon distributor to RENT you one, and even insure it in case it ends up lost in a jungle or at the bottom of the Red Sea.

GREAT selling point, but I can't afford their extra lens costs, and I STILL think the K-5 is a SUPERIOR camera to the D-7000. I also looked at some of the PRO bodies that START at $2,000... They don't even OFFER many of the features available in the class we're talking about, with many pros just expected to do many things manually. No image stabilization offered, etc. Sure, there are other benefits, like 10-12 shots per second, built "like a tank," etc. But for $5000 and more in some cases, they BETTER have that.

For OUR price range, I don't think you can TOUCH the K-5 -- not for now, maybe not for some time to come.

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