FX vs DX for wide angle landscapes

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Pradipta Dutta
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That would be comparing apples to oranges

If you are comparing DX to FX, you need to keep the field of view same, which means, if you used 50mm on DX, you need to use 75mm on FX. Otherwise, you would be comparing apples to oranges.

rbmphoto wrote:

If you use the same lens from the same place, the pixel count from a D3/D700 will be 5.2+million covering the same area. The pixel count is only the same if you frame your shot differently or use different lens.

Same lens, same distance, you'll put more pixels on the same area (the DX area) with a DX camera - if you take more DX photos to cover the same FX area, you are doubling+ your DX pixel count, again more pixel density.

The primary landscape photographer on this forum for many years, before he recently left in a huff, was Roman Johnston - you might google his many threads and see why he chose DX cameras instead of FX or MF cameras (both of which he also had) for his work (hint: resolution).

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