Lets see what everyones' upgrade path has been

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Tim in upstate NY
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Lets see what everyones' upgrade path has been

. . . I read a post in another thread by tgutgu where he described how he had upgraded his cameras from time to time over the years to the point where he now uses m4/3 equipment and thought it would make an interesting thread to see what everyone else here has experienced as they have progressed from one camera or system to another.

Here's mine:

1960 - Retinette IIA (Still have it and the shutter & film advance still works. Was a gift from my grandmother when I was ten years old)

1969 - Agfa Isolette L (Still have it but the shutter is gummed up. Bought it used for publishing b&w prints in a community newspaper for anti-war hippie/weirdos in Houston, Texas!)

1972 - Retina IIIS (Bought it used in a pawn shop because I was tired of the Agfa and 120 film but it was stolen before I got to use it much)

1979 - Rollei X35 (A pocket sized sized rangefinder that served me well for more than ten years. Not sure whether it's still functional but I loved that camera and will never part with it. Probably the memory of using it is what got me interested in m4/3)

1986 - Minolta Maxxum 7000 (My first SLR and also my first camera with AF. Was a gift from my employer who felt guilty about me putting in multiple 80 hour weeks and was used mostly for family photos while our children were growing up. My daughter kept using it in art school up until about three years ago and it still works but I haven't shot any film in it since she gave it back)

2002 - Toshiba PDR M25 (My first digital camera and it almost made me go back to film. Image quality wasn't too bad but it ate batteries like a bandit and when it quit working I threw it in the trash)

2004/March - Canon DRebel (Finally started getting more serious about photography again with this camera and started buying lenses for it. Still have a few of the lenses from then but the camera went to a local shop with the kit zoom for only $300 when I upgraded in a few years)

2006/April - Canon 5D (Now I had a real photographer's camera with image quality that matched what I'd been getting with the film Minolta from ten years earlier. Started going crazy with the fast prime lenses too which made the costs go through the roof which really P---'d O-- my wife)

2007/May - Canon G7 (Wanted a small travel camera and got some good use out of it but never very satisfied with the results, especially in bad light. Gave it to one of my sons a few years back)

2010/November - Panasonic GF1 (Became very enthused about m4/3 when the E-P1 arrived but then bought the GF1 instead because I wanted the 20/1.7 and 14-45 kit lenses with it. Served me well except that I also wanted IBIS and the Oly colors that I was seeing posted by others here at this forum)

2010/May - Canon 5D mkII (Wanted the ultimate DSLR and didn't know then how much I was going to love m4/3 or how long it would take for the m4/3 system to mature to a level where I'd not have any need for a full frame DSLR. Sold the older 5D and used the money to help pay for about half of the 5D mkII's cost)

2010/August - Olympus E-P2 (Traded the GF1 for the E-P2 with someone who thought that it focused too slow. Gained IBIS and better jpegs and the focus speed wasn't as slow as I'd been hearing on this forum)

2011/August - Olympus E-PL3 (Wanted faster AF, tilt screen, smaller body, weaker AA filter, etc. and told my daughter that she can have the E-P2 which is even more exciting for her than getting the E-PL3 is for me)

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