Nikon 50mm 1.2 AIS Samples

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Slynky wrote:

I think the figurine is the most telling of all. At these sizes here, it's not easy to compare the shots well but the figurine shows the difference very well (the grain, I guess, in the figurine).

I chose that one to show two things.
1. The close up performance which for a large aperture lens is not that bad.

2. The distinct zone of focus. If you look closely at the original of that their is a distinct zone that is sharp. Just close at 1.2 not much can be really in focus.

The arm of the old chair is nice, too.

Thanks. On that one it was a bright enough highlight present that I could see the color of the CA change as I focused in and out. Sort of a more precise peaking function. LOL!

The lens really looks promising stopped down.

I think this copy does better stopped down than my previous copy.

Too bad I don't get to pixel-peep a couple of them.

Actually in Image Samples 1 I gave a link to the full size originals. Here it is again...

I hope this was helpful to you. It actually was for me as I really wanted to take some time and make 100% sure this was as good as what I had before. I know now it is so I'm happy.

Thanks for all the trouble.

How much, may I ask, did your adapter for that cost?

Less than $30 I think. It wasn't much. I use the G type now for everything as it works with lenses with or without an aperture ring while being better made. I only use my others for my high speed fixed focus, fixed aperture lenses.

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