Upgrade Options - Help Needed Please!

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Upgrade Options - Help Needed Please!


I'm a long time lurker on dpreview but haven't needed anything from the forum I couldn't search for until now. This time I think I have a more specific enquiry and was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice.

I bought the D50 some 6 years or so ago and since then have grown with it, saving my money for glass (16-35, 24-70, 105 macro, 70-300) and the SB800 rather than upgrade the body. But with the trip of a lifetime to Japan looming in early November I'd really like to upgrade my camera to something that can get the best out of the lenses I have before I go. Along with many others I had hoped that I would be able to buy an update of the D700 by now and if/when an update is released I can't imagine myself needing any more camera (ever!) beyond the features I expect it to offer (higher resolution, full 1080 video, low light performance, professional build, optional grip). However I'm now pretty sure that even if it is announced shortly I wouldn't be able to get my hands on one before I left.

The sad truth is that the 5D MkII offers pretty much everything I want out of a camera right now but given I have bought into the Nikon system reasonable heavily (for an amateur) I can't imagine it will be cheap to switch. Also I believe I am correct in thinking that Nikon glass tends to be better than the Canon counterparts so I can't just consider the quality of the body?

I tried looking at a D7000 today which I figured would be a relatively inexpensive shorter term option if not a perfect balance for some of the heavier lenses I own, but I really didnt get on with the grip, it just felt wrong in my hand (hats off to Canon with the 60D which actually was a lot nicer to hold in the same price bracket...interestingly the reason I chose Nikon when I bought the D50 was I thought the ergonomics were superior to the Canon and the Rebel when I held them both).


1) Is there hope yet of me getting my hands on a D700 update before November?

2) Has anyone switched system either way? How painful (financially and hassle wise) is it?

3) Has anyone got experience of using the D7000, would it suffice for the moment, have you had comfort issues with the grip as well?

4) Has anyone used the 5D MkII, is there anything I should be aware of either in the camera or with regards to the Canon lens lineup?

5) Are there any alternatives you can suggest that I haven't thought of?

For what it's worth in terms of what I shoot it's a real mixed bag, sport, street, architecture, night, landscape, macro etc... Obviously will be travelling with the kit to Japan as well but being young and very active weight isn't an issue for me...

Appreciate any help with any of the questions above and thanks for taking the time to read this far.


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