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Re: EVF vs Optical

BJN wrote:

Faster frame rates are possible with the semi-silvered mirror,

To what purpose could 1 second bursts of 12 frames be put? Golf swing analysis maybe?

and there should be less vibration and quieter operation.

The Nikon D7000 is much quieter with less vibration than the Sony SLTs wiith an EVF, so the mirror noise must be much less than the shutter noise.

An EVF is bright in low light.

Brighter, but not clearer in low light. It is like putting your eye to a light bulb! And try taking your eye away from that lighted EVF in a dim room and see how long your eye needs to adjust to the low ambient light!

However, the finder quality gets really poor when the light gets low.

No kidding! It is like watching an old TV without an antenna! The pupil of my eye can adjust to much lower light levels and without the "pumping" of the current EVFs.

Also, the refresh rate slows down so following subjects becomes difficult. I have a couple of Panasonic G cameras.

Yes this has been a real deal breaker for many, but perhaps Sony may have fixed this with the a77. We shall see.

The EVF is good enough except in low light.

Good enough is a broad statement. For framing maybe, but not for composition in my book. Try shooting as sunset with an EVF and you will see what I mean. The trouble is that an EVF only shows a highly processed electronic image of the actual lighting conditions in the scene, which is usually OK for simple snapshots, but not acceptable for more artistic use of lighting.

The Sony's use of a semisilvered mirror will keep the finder view working during action shooting, but the EVF's sensor is getting very little light in that mode.

The Sony SLTs run their EVFs off the main sensor, so I don't understand how the EVF sensor would be getting very little light?

I will probably buy into a mirror-less camera system some day, and of course it will have an EVF, but I doubt I will enjoy the experience of using it as much as a DSLR with a pentaprism OVF. To each his own.

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