85/1.8 Does US Pro Cyling Challenge

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Re: 85/1.8 Does US Pro Cyling Challenge

Indeed, that's why professional cycling photographers get the cycling shots that they do. They have access to positions that nobody else does. However, sometimes you can move back and up high enough to get good shots that integrate the crowd. The 85mm f1.8 on a crop body would be especially good for that. Another technique is to use a 24mm or 35mm lens and sit cross legged on a piece of foam or cardboard at the base of the fence and shoot right through the gaps in the fence (that works especially well if you have a remote screen on your lap or on an arm band).

Cycling photography is kind of unique. For professionals its a dance of getting the blessing of the (usually begrudging) race marshals for positions that could be dangerous to the racers if one wrong move is made by the photographer. The UCI does not place a priority on photography or even television, over race rules and safety. Some positions are so jammed with photographers and videographers that they must all coordinate with each other to avoid blocking each others sight lines and colliding with each other in physical arcs.

The regular photographers are familiar to the racers and the racers may enhance the picture with a certain amount of posing and grimacing and so on.

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